Premier League: New refereeing reforms in sight

Next season, refereeing in the Premier League will conform to new FIFA standards. Added time will be much longer than usual, and the referees could also explain VAR decisions too.

The 2022 – 2023 season is only halfway through, but English football leaders are already thinking about the 2023 – 2024 financial year. The British press has announced the Premier League’s intention to comply with the new provisions of the FIFA regarding arbitration. The decision was taken from the FA meeting at Wembley yesterday.

“We wanted to improve the amount of ball in play within existing laws. The World Cup proved that we can do it. Rather than having a standardized time of one minute for an injury, if a player went down for three minutes, there was an additional three minutes. So there’s no benefit to a player staying on the ground longer than he would otherwise need to – and the team gets no benefit. said FA chief executive Mark Bullingham.

VAR decisions will also soon be explained to supporters. However, Mark Bullingham reassures that the conversations of the VAR referees will remain confidential.

The conversation between the referee and the VAR will always be private. But then the ref will actually go up to the crowd and the broadcaster and say that’s what happened.”

This decision will be tested during FIFA competitions, starting with the Club World Cup which will be played in a few days in Morocco.

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