Press release from FC Barcelona

The Management Committee of FC Barcelonameeting in ordinary session at the Barça Store Canaletes, on the Rambla de Barcelona, ​​has concluded the following agreements:

Approval of the 2022/23 budget

The budget for the 2022/23 season amounts to 1.255 billion, with forecast profits of 274 million euros.

At the end of the previous season, Barça’s Management Committee had closed the 2021/22 financial year with a turnover of 1.017 billion euros and a profit of 98 million euros.

Espai Barça: start of work on the 3rd stand

The Management Committee was updated on the progress of the work of the Gol Sur Tribune of the Spotify Camp Nou, which began on September 1st. During the World Cup, they will continue. For the moment, the bulletin board has been removed, and other operations have been carried out.


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