price not to be missed on the star of Samsung smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is one of the best smartphones of the year and it is at a sharply reduced price on Rakuten, which allows you to obtain this very good model for less than 570 euros. It cannot be refused!

When one of the best smartphones of the moment goes below 600 euros, and even more, it’s called a deal and it happens on Rakuten. The site offers the excellent Samsung Galaxy S22 at only 568.88 euros instead of the usual 859 euros.

This is a very nice discount for the 128 GB version of the very good smartphone. Last representative of a prestigious range, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is still perfected with a better camera, an even more successful design and performance always at the rendezvous. Treat yourself to one of the best alternatives to the iPhone 14 at a very attractive price with this offer.

Samsung Galaxy S22: Rakuten offers it at an exceptional price

The Samsung Galaxy S22, available on Rakuten, is a controlled evolution of the Galaxy S21, with a refined design and still a very nice screen. With a diagonal of 6.2 inches, it remains relatively compact and benefits from the latest technologies from the manufacturer which is, as we recall, one of the best suppliers of AMOLED screens. The Samsung Galaxy S22, available on Rakuten, is equipped with the manufacturer’s latest generation of octa-core processors and 8 GB of RAM. Its 128GB internal storage is fast. It is present to follow the high performance camera of the smartphone, available on Rakuten, always composed of a wide angle lens, an ultra wide angle and a Space Zoom optical zoom. With better energy management, autonomy is guaranteed for the day and the smartphone is compatible with fast and wireless charging.

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