Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reunite with Prince William and Kate Middleton for Windsor Walkabout

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prince harry and Meghan Markle appeared together with Prince William and Kate Middleton Saturday afternoon to view floral tributes left for the queen in a stunning show of family unity as the Windsors tried to put the bitter feud that has roiled their families behind them.

A source in William’s camp told The Daily Beast that the impetus for the joint appearance had come from his side. The source said: “The Prince of Wales invited the Duke and Duchess to join him and the Princess of Wales earlier.”

The source added that William “thought it was an important show of unity at an incredibly difficult time for the family.”

TV images showed the couples, dressed in mourning outfits, walking as a quartet out to meet the public, looking at the floral tributes, then speaking to members of the crowd, who were excitedly calling out their names.

Harry and Meghan held hands and Harry was seen putting his hand on Meghan’s back.

They were seen pointing at different tributes and discussing them as members of the crowd waved at them.

The symbolic show of unity contrasted hugely with the images of Harry traveling to and from Balmoral alone on Thursday and Friday, and a source telling the Sun that King Charles had told Meghan she was not “welcome” at Balmoral. The royals are also nervous about what Harry may or may not say in his forthcoming memoir, after a series of interviews he and Meghan have given, speaking about their alleged mistreatment by the royals.

All that seemed forgotten, or at least temporarily laid aside, as the four royals arrived together in an official royal car and spent a few minutes viewing cards and notes and flowers left for the queen by the public, but quickly turned their attention to the waiting crowd.

All four were greeted enthusiastically by the crowd as they shook hands and accepted flowers.

As they departed 40 minutes later, they were given three cheers by the crowd.

The remarkable joint appearance, which recalls a walkabout the brothers undertook before Harry and Meghan’s wedding, builds on a conscious effort of rapprochement kicked off by King Charles, who said in his inaugural speech to the nation“I also want to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas.”


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