Prince William absent at the funeral of his godfather, his replacement of choice revealed

Prince William absent at his godfather's funeral, his replacement of choice revealed - BestImage

Prince William absent at his godfather’s funeral, his replacement of choice revealed – BestImage

This is the event that agitates the royal families at the start of the week: for a few hours, celebrities from the monarchies of Europe have been flocking to Athens to attend the funeral of King Constantine II, who died at 82 years old. And to represent the British crown, it was a discreet cousin of Prince William who was chosen to replace him. It must be said that it is itself very linked to Greece…

The news, which fell last week, must have touched him: at the age of 40, Prince William lost one of his godfathers, former King Constantine II of Greece, who died on January 10. But difficult for him and his wife Kate Middleton to travel to Athens on Monday for the funeral, taken by their three young children. Fortunately, the eldest son of King Charles III has found the perfect replacement: his cousin, Lady Gabriella Kingston, who has just arrived on site.

Also 40 years old, the young woman is the daughter of Michael de Kent, the first cousin of Elizabeth II and is rather close to the British royal family. A large part of the clan had come to her wedding in May 2019, including the sovereign herself and Prince Philip. Prince Harry, then a very young dad, had also made a short trip, but Prince William could not free himself.

The young woman, however, gets along well with her cousin: present for all the major events of the crown, she had notably attended the funeral of Elizabeth II and more recently at the concert Together at Christmas Carol organized for Christmas by Kate Middleton. And to represent the royal family, she was perfect: through her father, Michael of Kent, she is also very linked to Greece.

A distant cousin

Indeed, the 80-year-old man is not only the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, it is also that of King Constantine II of Greece!…

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