Promos: – 20% on HomeKit Wi-Fi hotspots, a half-price Belkin Ethernet adapter

A few brands offer promotions on Amazon on a fairly regular basis, and Logitech, Linksys and Belkin are on board today. And if you own Apple products, some of the discounts are great.

USB-C to Ethernet or audio at Belkin

At Belkin, you will find several products on sale, with discounts of up to 55%. The selection highlights USB-C with different adapters.

For those who want a wire to the paw.

We noted two USB-C to Ethernet adapters, the first at 30 € instead of 35 € (with a charging port), the second at 20 € instead of 40 €. Both offer a 1 Gb / s Ethernet connection and are compatible with Macs but also iPads with a USB-C socket. There is also a discount on a USB-C to 3.5mm jack adapter, with a charging socket, an interesting accessory for modern iPads, and it is offered for 26 €. You will also find an adapter HDMI to VGA (€21, 15% off) and a 24W USB-A charger with two outlets for 18 €.

Wi-Fi routers and accessories for gamers

The second selection contains Linksys products, with several Wi-Fi router models on sale. We can find there in particular a pack of three Wi-Fi 5 access points from the Velop range for €233 instead of €300 (255 € in black, for amateurs). They offer HomeKit compatibility and good performance to cover a large area, at a lower price than Wi-Fi 6 models.

Finally, gamers will appreciate Logitech’s mouse discounts. The G300s mouse is a good entry-level model especially at 25 €(€50 at Logitech) and the G502 is one of the flagships of the brand for only 53 €, against 80 € in public price. For those who want a wireless mouse, the G305 is 37 € instead of 60 € (public price). Attention, it necessarily requires its USB dongle, which does not exist in USB-C. In all three cases, it should be remembered that mice for gamers can be used perfectly for other purposes, and that they generally offer several programmable buttons and effective sensors. The side gamer comes mainly from the look and the presence of LEDs, which can be deactivated.


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