Provoked by the public, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant engage in a big battle!

The Lakers won another basketball game this Sunday, all without LeBron James. Kevin Durant wasn’t enough to save the Nets this time around, as the winger spent a lot of time taking on Russell Westbrook. To the delight of the public. But it’s still the leader who walks away with the victory…

116-103 is the score in favor of the Lakers on the Nets this Sunday evening. LeBron James absent, as expected after his groin injury, it is Anthony Davis who took care of everything. The interior finished with 37 points at 15/25 shooting, as well as 18 rebounds, including 10 offensive! A beating for Brooklyn. Angelinos fans were on cloud nine, especially as Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant put on the show.

Cons in shambles between Westbrook and Durant!

The first finished with 14 points at 4/15 shooting, but with 12 assists and 6 rebounds. We felt a brodie involved and determined to make a difference, no doubt motivated by the presence of KD opposite. The two men exchanged quite violent counterattacks in this part, to the delight of the supporters. There were some tensions as a bonus…

Russ tries isolation on KD

Russ vs KD 😱

It must be said that the two cons are impressive. It’s impossible to block KD in front, so Westbrook decided to go from behind. He even allowed himself a big defense on his opponent, proof that he knows him very well. A beautiful duel in this shock of the night…

Russ knows how to defend KD. 🔥

With a great Anthony Davis, the Lakers regain victory. Nothing to brag about with a 3-10 record, but it’s a start for Darvin Ham’s men. They will have a few days off now to continue, and perhaps find LeBron James. It is time.

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