PSG: Sampaoli crazy about Messi

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Much more comfortable since the start of the season, Lionel Messi (35 years old, 11 games and 6 goals in all competitions this season) still impresses those who knew him. The former Albiceleste coach, Jorge Sampaoli, did not fail to praise the Paris Saint-Germain striker.

“To manage Messi is to manage a genius. He is a person who is above everyone, he even knows when you are going to lose and when you are going to win. In two looks, he gives you a parameter of this is going on,” the 62-year-old manager told ADN Sports.

“He is a silent leader, but he understands what is going to happen. He knows when the team that has prepared has no chance of winning. Beyond his technical abilities and his ability to read the game, he knows what’s going to happen. That’s why he’s a genius,” insisted Sampaoli.

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