“Queens of Belgium. From Louise-Marie to Elisabeth”: the book that traces the history of our queens

Pierre De Vuyst, journalist at Soir Mag and specialist in royal news coverage for 25 years was the guest at 12:30 p.m. to present his new book “Queens of Belgium. From Louise-Marie to Elisabeth”.

In a little over 200 pages, the author recounts the lives of the seven queens that Belgium was able to count, without forgetting that of our future sovereign, Princess Elisabeth. “Condensing the lives of 8 people into 202 pages is a great challenge. I relied on the work of historians. To this must be added my personal experience. The book is a synthesis, I would say, journalistic, a foot in the door to understand who these people are”says Pierre De Vuyst.

The book attests to this: the role of queen consorts has evolved over time. Initially, it was almost non-existent. The status of queen consort is not provided for by the constitution. Its main vocation was to give birth to the descendants of the king. But over the years, the wives of Belgian sovereigns became socially emancipated.

The journalist’s book also discusses the journey of Princess Elisabeth, the first woman to ascend the throne in Belgium.

■ Interview of the journalist and author Pierre DeVuyst at the microphone of 12:30 p.m.

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