Raoudha Jean-Zephirin (Large families) explains her income

While the Jean-Zephirin family (Large families) is sometimes accused of living on allowances, the mother of the family Raoudha, agreed to answer questions from TV 2 weeks

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Since joining the show Large families, life in XXL in 2021, the Jean-Zephirin family sometimes faces criticism. If most TF1 viewers remain benevolent, some accuse the pretty tribe – made up of Maël, Deynis, Timéo, Emma, ​​Lyla-Rose, Maloé, Rubenn and Léandre – of living thanks to family allowances. At the head of a family of eight children – and soon new ! – Raoudha Jean-Zephirin agreed to defend himself against these rumors and answered questions from TV 2 weeks.

I ignore criticism

And the least we can say is that the remarks do not reach the positivity of this happy family. “I don’t know the critics, these people don’t know my family, or even the rules governing family allowances“, first replied the one who also revealed to us its impressive shopping budget for a week with ten people at home. “We don’t go very far with aid! Allowances don’t take us on vacation, they don’t make us dream all year round“, she then lamented.

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Allowances are a quarter of our expenses

Even though the Jean-Zephirin family does not count on these aids to live decently and enjoy moments together, Raoudha recognizes that these subsidies are a real boost in everyday life: “It helps us, yes, like many French people, but that’s not what we’re going to go on a trip with.“And if the happy little clan can afford to afford a few getaways, it’s mainly thanks to Stephane, the father. “The amount also depends on the work of my husband, who earns a very good living. We lack nothing thanks to my husband. Family allowances are part of our budget, and it’s a right, but that’s not what makes us live“, she insisted. “The expenses of a large family are enormous, the allowances are a quarter of what you spend in a month“, finished by concluding Raoudha Jean-Zephirin. Bad tongues have better watch out!


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