Raoudha Jean-Zephirin (Large families) shares the misadventure of her son Deynis

Big blow of stress for Raoudha Jean-Zephirin, revealed in Large families, life in XXL : passing through Paris for a rail connection, his son Deynis paid the price for the public transport strike. Something to worry his mother, who is hundreds of kilometers away.

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“A mad morning, super stressful, scary. It’s madness…”, Raoudha Jean-Zephirin announces the color from the outset to its subscribers: this Thursday, November 10, she is having a bad day, or at least she had a very bad morning. Besides the tears of her son Léandre, caused by illness, the mother of the family had to face quite a misadventure of his son Deynis. Supposed to go down to Nice via Paris, the teenager paid the price for the public transport strike which has been raging in the capital since the night before. “I do not tell you the anguish as a mom at the other end of France…”exclaimed Raoudha in a story on Instagram where she recounts the adventures of her son.

Alternative route

First complication for Deynis: the train bringing him to Paris arrived about twenty minutes late. The 15-year-old young man was then unable to count on the RER to reach the Gare de Lyon where he had his connection: certain lines are directly affected by the strike with only one train in three over the whole day. For lack of RER, Denys then turned to the bus. “During this whole part of the journey, I had no news of him. He was unreachable”lamented his mother, very worried.

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Missed connection

“I who don’t usually stress, there it was quite the opposite… I was in panic, I called forty thousand times my husband, admitted Raoudha Jean-Zephirin. Deynis finally called his mother when he arrived at the Gare de Lyon, but far too late for his correspondence, which had already left. The teenager then spoke to a member of the SNCF staff and even passed him his cell phone so that the latter could discuss with his mother. “Me, in a panic, I said to her: ‘Please, Madam, my son must come home'”, confesses Raoudha Jean-Zephirin with a smile, once the stress has subsided. Deynis indeed managed to obtain a return ticket to Nice during the day. If the fifteen-year-old teenager is proud to have managed on his own, there is no doubt that his mother will only be completely reassured when he has finally returned safely.

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"I was in panic" : Raoudha Jean-Zephirin (Large families) shares the misadventure of her son Deynis

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