Reality Pro: we know more about Apple’s future mixed reality headset

With the Reality Pro, Apple could create a small revolution in the fields of virtual reality and augmented reality. The Cupertino company would seek to create a new immersive experience for video conferencing calls and for video streaming. Our colleagues from Bloomberg were able to gather, in broad outline, the details of the operation of the apparatus.

An announcement in June 2023?

The official announcement of the Reality Pro could be made at WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference scheduled for June. The first models would then leave the factories at the end of the year, to be marketed in stride. Loaded with sensors, the mixed reality headset in the pro version should be displayed around $3,000. A prohibitive price for most consumers, which should not fail to attract potential customers in the store to try the device. In the first year, Apple expects to sell nearly one million of these devices.

The operation should not generate profits in the short term. The company would like broader profitability from its platform. The latter will thus result from the success or otherwise of the adoption of this new service by the developers.

3D video calls

To appeal to app developers and the public alike, the Reality Pro is expected to have never-before-seen eye and hand tracking capabilities. The helmet would be equipped with several external cameras and internal sensors capable of following the gaze and gestures of the user with great precision. True immersive 3D iOS, the operating system will allow total control of the device, with stunning dexterity, according to sources close to the project.

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This ultra-connected headset should make it possible to make videoconference calls in three dimensions. The owner’s face and body will be scanned in real time and reproduced virtually in an online conference room. Real avatars that will allow two people to contact each other while feeling like they are in the same room. On the other hand, the digital duplication of the body should not be available during conferences with many participants, virtualization still requiring too many resources. Users will therefore be displayed as Memoji.

Immersive streaming?

At the same time, the Reality Pro would make it possible to view immersive videos. Specially adapted VR content should be offered. Spectators would have the impression of watching a film on a giant screen in different types of environment (desert, space, etc.). Walt Disney as well as half a dozen partners have been approached by Apple.

Finally, the mixed reality headset should have a digital crown, similar to that of the Apple Watch, to choose between virtual and augmented reality modes. A product that could also be used as an external monitor for Mac. In addition, the Reality Pro would be suitable for wearers of glasses. Apple could thus offer personalized lenses that will be placed in the case itself. A slew of innovative functions that should not fail to evolve over the next few months, before the official announcement of the helmet.

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