Realme launches low-cost insurance to protect your smartphone

Raelme launches its first insurance plan to protect the phones you buy from it. Lasting a maximum of two years, it can cover miscellaneous damage and theft, from 3 euros per month.

The Realme 9 Pro Plus photo block // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

After presenting the Realme 10 a few days ago, the brand announces insurance for realme smartphones from 3 euros per month, available on all models. Funny thing, the program has the same name as that of Samsungnamely Care+.

Realme’s Care+ program

Within thirty days of purchasing a device, consumers of realme can now subscribe to the Care+ program whose subscriptions start at 2.99 euros per month. A formula available in six countries: France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. Care+ will be open to the rest of Europe next year.

Realme 10 // Source: Realme

This insurance covers damage and theft within the limit of two claims per year. The damages covered are those water-related damage, cracks in the screen, damage from liquid spillage, or device defects “. Care+ also covers damage that occurs “ during temporary stays abroad » and the subscription includes the sending of the smartphone to be repaired. Buyers can subscribe to it for a maximum of two years.

All Realme smartphones can be covered

The brand states in its press release that “ this insurance is applicable to all Realme smartphones purchased online and in reseller stores “. A priori, all of the manufacturer’s models can be covered. Unfortunately, its touch pads, namely the RealmePad and the Realme Pad Mini cannot be covered by Care+.

smartphone price Franchise Monthly payments
(ADLD + flight)
< 250€ 25€ 3,99€
< 500€ 50€ 4,99€
< 750€ 50€ 6,99€
> 750€ 75€ 7,99€

ADLD stands for “Accidental Damage and Liquid Damage Insurance”. Care+ also offers an option that does not include flight cover and is one euro cheaper. The deductible here is the amount you would have to pay for each repair. As you can see, it varies depending on the purchase price of the phone.

For now, only one page of the French site of Realme mentions Care+ insurance, so little information is available. She also tells us that the service is provided by Aftersales Goup BV, a specialized company based in the Netherlands.

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