Red alert, 6 points in 1260 minutes of play

Just on the eve of this OCK-OCS phosphate duel and after two months of exercise, the steering committee and after dozens of calls for a press conference without any response and to everyone’s surprise and only through a press release in its site, declared the organization of a press conference for next Tuesday.

Immediately, the reaction of the representatives of the local press was without appeal: boycott of this press conference to denounce the disrespect and the disrepute of the local media.

More than that, it is reported that some members of the current management committee are complaining about certain equivocal actions of the young president, whom some already tax as a novice in the football field and that it is really difficult to go from being a fan of a club. casablancais with the hard task of president of a club in his hometown.

While waiting for this Tuesday, the Olympique Club de Khouribga had to, once again and at the 14th day, meet the challenge of a first victory of the season.

In the first minutes of play, the opponent of this evening, in particular the Olympic Club of Safi, already released his offensive intentions despite fierce resistance from the men of the Portuguese who, according to those close to the local “kitchen”, ignore everything and the botola and the mentality of the Moroccan player.

It should be noted on occasion that certain elements of the phosphate formation stand out for their technical qualities, but the lack of cohesion between the lines is unfortunately obvious.

And after several missed chances especially by the visitors and just in the dying seconds of the first period, striker Abdelghafour Mehri managed to concretize the tactical domination of his team. A blow for the Khouribguis, those who wanted to change the course of things.

Worse, on returning from the locker room and just at the 60th minute, Zouhair El Hachimi sinned with an aggressive gesture judged free on a safiot player and he received, VAR in support, a red card.

Despite this new handicap, Youssef’s teammates did not give up and continued to believe in their chance to come back, but the visitors strongly expressed their intentions of securing their victory with a second goal.

But in front of an intelligible tactical vision, the Phosphatiers had only their pride to at least equalize, but that unfortunately proved insufficient and they cashed their 8th defeat with only 6 points in 1260 minutes of play.

On reflection, no success is possible whether in sport or in business without a solid group and coached by a visionary leader who knows how to detect the uncertainties of his group.

However, what is rife in the workings of the OCK through its recruitment of a Portuguese communication coach whose language handicap inspired me to highlight some management principles that everyone has noticed in the national coach Walid Regragui and his team including group cohesion and optimization of all energies.

Indeed and without being against the recruitment of foreign coaches, the national coach is undeniably distinguished by an efficient and fluid communication with his group, like our young national executives who have proven their communicative skills with the workings of their clubs, including Rouki, Chkilit, Aboub, El Himer, Sellami, Jrindou, Madihi, Kerkach, Jaâouani, Chiba, Dmiî, Safri, Benchrifa, Sektioui and others… To meditate especially on the khouribgui side!


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