Redfall: release date, gameplay, customization… lots of info! | Xbox One

Among the games presented during Microsoft’s Developer_Direct, red fall offered a nice presentation during which many points were discussed.

The open world finally detailed

Arkane’s game is eagerly awaited by players, and it was with a long presentation of the title that we were finally able to discover its various subtleties. If until now we still had a little trouble really grasping the concept of the game, it is now much clearer that Redfall is an Arkane game at heart.

In this post-apocalyptic world with a strong narrative dimension, the studio explains that this is their most ambitious title. Different outposts are placed on the map and these contain survivors who will provide you with side quests as well as equipment. During your journey, you will discover the true nature of vampires and their arrival in this fallen city.

It will be possible to approach situations according to your style of play, with a level-design that seems well executed. It is possible to do the entire adventure with up to 4 players, each playing a unique hero.

Along with the main quest, you will also have the opportunity to participate in random events or to attack the vampires in their mystical world. The further you progress in the game, the more challenging challenges will unlock, allowing you to face immense vampire lords in their domains.

A game suitable for all styles!

If Redfall is completely playable in solo, it obviously makes sense in cooperation with friends.

Players can choose to embody one of the game’s four characters, each with their own skills, and develop bonds between the different protagonists. Whether you like stealth, or on the contrary go for it, you should find the hero who looks like you with skills and an arsenal adapted to your style of play.

The different customization options were also revealed, and it will be possible, for example, to equip a stake on each of your weapons.

See you in early May!

In addition to details about the game, we were also treated to its release date. The rumors of the past few weeks were founded since it is on May 2 that the game will be available on Xbox Series X | S and PC. Remember that it will be available directly in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

Several editions are already available on the Microsoft Store, including a Deluxe edition, including the Season Pass for the next expansions to come.

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