Redfall will be released on May 2, 2023 on Xbox and PC Game Pass!

red fall will be released on May 2 on Xbox Series X/S and Windows. You can also enjoy it as soon as it launches in the Xbox and PC Game Pass. It is also exclusive to the Xbox on the console side.

Arkane Austin unveiled, during the Developer_Direct, a completely new gameplay sequence that clearly makes you want to embody a member who will eliminate vampires! Moreover, you can play both solo and with others in a generous open world. Whether it’s the streets, the city center, or the jetty, everything seems to be decimated by vampires. Luckily, there will be safe spots so you don’t get attacked around every corner.

Be careful though, because the Cataclysm is never far away to annihilate you… Are you ready to equip your vampire SOS outfit and defeat everyone with your team?

To define redfall, it’s an open world FPS/RPG/Shooter but nothing beats gameplay to make up your own mind.

RedFall – 10 minutes of gameplay!

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