Respawn Entertainment speaks out on harassment of Apex Legends developers

Players are outraged by Respawn Entertainment’s lack of response regarding the game’s bugs and glitches, and they’ve expressed their anger on various social media platforms.

Some comments are constructive, while others are below the belt remarks. This situation eventually prompted Respawn Entertainment to issue a statement on Twitter stating that it has a zero-tolerance policy towards threats and harassment from its developers.

Negative reviews are inevitable for all games, as players have different preferences, and there are cases where both can’t be done at the same time, but some developers accept more negativity than the mostly.

Bungie, the developers of the Destiny game, have also experienced the same type of aggressive feedback. They supported Respawn’s statement saying, “To combat toxicity and harassment, we all need to work together to build healthier communities. We are with you in this effort @respawn” in a response.

As GameSpot mentioned, it was not possible to know if one specific incident caused Respawn to finally react or if it was all incidents combined. Players also expressed their dismay during the AMA Reddit series hosted by the game’s developers. The moderators did what they had to, but some negative comments slipped through the cracks.

Developers aren’t the only ones being harassed

It seems that even the other employees who work for Respawn Entertainment are also taking the wrath of the players. Conor Ford, also known as “Hideouts”, works on Apex Legends’ security system to eliminate cheaters and hackers from the game. He frequents Twitch streams to spot and ban cheaters from servers.

GameRiv mentioned that in May 2022 Hideouts complained of being harassed, although he said he and the developers were working on this issue. He took to Twitter, saying he was tired of people telling him to hurt himself or hope he got hurt. The tweet contained several screenshots of Hideout’s conversation with a player going by the name “kkoreban” who sent insensitive and offensive remarks to Conor.

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What are the bugs that bother players?

Players are outraged by Respawn Entertainment’s lack of response to the game’s bugs, glitches, and faulty gameplay mechanics, and many examples are found in the subreddit, r/apexlegends.

u/IcySpinach posted a gameplay video in which he tries to enter the side of a building, then gets knocked out when he doesn’t hit the fence near him. Someone suggested that it must be some sort of visual bug where a fence was indeed present, but it just didn’t load.

Another Redditor, u/LookLikeHankHill, shared a photo of his screen showing champion select empty, then asked when that would be fixed. She then resorted to humor by telling Redditors to only reply with wrong answers, which could be a subtle implication that the devs will never fix this glitch.

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