restoring the system can make some applications unusable

Bad news for users who rely heavily on the tool to create backups of their system to restore it in case something goes wrong. The process could render some apps unusable.

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Microsoft has just announced the existence of a new bug on Windows 11, which may well deter you from restoring your system. While restore points allow you to get your operating system working again in the event of problems without having to reinstall it and lose your data, itThe latter now cause crashes in certain applications.

After performing a system restore to an earlier restore point on a device running Windows 11, version 22H2, some Windows applications that use the Windows MSIX application package format may experience various instability issues, including launch, freezes and crashes “Warns Microsoft.

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Your apps may crash after a system restore

This new bug seems to only affect users of the latest version of the OS: Windows 11 22H2. According to information provided by Microsoft, the bug seems interrupt original and third-party applications that use the MSIX package format of Windows applications.

We therefore think in particular of Notepad, Paint, Office, Terminal or even Cortana. Luckily, if you’ve done a restore recently and you’re now unable to launch any of these apps, Microsoft may have a solution.

To repair the apps, you can try following one of the following solutions:

  • Open the app again
  • Reinstall the app from the Microsoft Store or the original source.
  • Install available Windows updates

This is therefore a new problem that Microsoft will have to try to solve quickly. For now, the Redmond firm is also facing a Windows Defender bug that makes shortcuts disappear to the software in the Start menu and on the Desktop, and another that crashes some PCs with AMD Ryzen chips. It is therefore expected that the new bug will be fixed in the next few weeks, but it could take some time since it is not a critical problem that endangers the safety of users.

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