Retrospective of the musical autumn of Moirax Tourism

Moirax tourisme is such a dynamic association that the succession of events is often too close together to tell everything that happens there immediately. Very recently, three concerts were given in the church or in the village hall. Three genres, three exceptional moments where musical notes are shelled, where voices spring. Three shows that the ever-increasing audience enjoyed.


The music was vocal and instrumental with the Métamorphosis program by the Cie Eranos, whose concert transported the public to the Renaissance period. A musical and scenic creation has placed six musicians, young, talented, fascinating, at the foot of the choir. Each of them sings and plays an instrument and recounts this “emblematic Renaissance mass” allowing anyone to understand and be carried away by the beauty of the voices, the instrumental quality, the spirituality of the moment and the overall harmony.

In the second part, the madrigal, love poem, songs in French, Italian, Spanish, without a microphone added even more charm to these high vocal performances from Laurie Parmelle, Joël Sitbon, Camille Suffran, Timothé Bougon, Rachel Delaistier and Flor Paichard.

Sicilian quartet

In the hall, the emotion was great. The programmed Sicilian quartet almost couldn’t happen because the plane coming from Sicily was late. The four artists, two from France and two from Italy, have merged their artistic wealth and their passion for music to create this charming and captivating group.

Yannis Constans? It’s the guitar inspired by Django Reinhardt, by Slavic and gypsy music, swing and gypsy jazz.

Camille Wolfrom? His double bass expresses itself between his fingers which, from classical training to the discovery of jazz, reveal his great mastery. He is also a bassist, composer and open to many styles.

Roberto Gervasi? One of the only self-taught jazz accordionists in Italy. In 2012, when he arrived in France, he met his friends and when he was not performing concerts abroad, he delighted the public with his irresistible smile, his Latin charm and above all his extraordinary talent on the accordion.

Nicola Giammarinaro?

Nicola is unrepeatable quickly. A qualified clarinetist, recognized, laden with numerous prizes, he is the delight of an audience that is currently discovering him, in the region, and that of his fellow musicians from the Sicilian quartet. With Nicola’s talent, his art of improvising, his unexpected interventions in the program, his impromptu humor, his jokes, he completes the pleasure of hearing this group. A real treat !

Mozart’s Requiem

Grand evening! The orchestra and choirs of the philharmonic center attracted a large number of music lovers to the church, offering beautiful acoustics for a concert dedicated to Mozart. Richard Beswick has presented and directed about twenty choristers, five soloists, a large number of musicians. A first part evoked the passion of Haydn. Hugo Santos, Triin Lellep, Marck Boocock, Christophe Belliveau and Marie-Caroline Kfoury echoed their talented beautiful voices to the orchestra to serve this passion. Then, the requiem, dear to Richard Beswick, triggered the instrumental and vocal show. A “staging” in which the choirs, soloists or instruments intervened in turn or together, gave full scope to this concert that Richard Beswick dedicated to the “rest of the dead”.

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