Rigol unveils two new series of oscilloscopes with 12-bit vertical resolution

With the Centaurus ASIC chipset and the HDO1000 and 4000 families, the manufacturer is launching two series of high-definition oscilloscopes with 12-bit vertical resolution.

The HDO1000 series with 1 GS/s sampling rate is offered as a 2-channel and 4-channel solution in 70, 100 and 200 MHz bandwidths. The maximum memory depth is 100 Mpoints. Additionally, the HDO4000 series is designed for 200, 400, and 800 MHz bandwidths with a higher sampling rate of up to 4 GS/s. It contains four analog channels and offers a memory depth of up to 500 Mpoints. The minimum vertical adjustment is 100 µV/DIV for the HDO4000 series and 500 µV/DIV for the HDO1000 series. Two different impedances (1 MΩ, 50 Ω) can be chosen for the HDO4000 series.

The two new ASICs achieve a very low noise level of around 18 µVrms (for the HDO4000) or 50 µVrms (for the HDO1000). As for other classes of oscilloscopes Rigol, the focus here has been on the combination of a high sample rate, deep memory and very high measurement speed. Very small amplitude deviations can be measured thanks to the 12-bit vertical resolution. A high-resolution mode of up to 16 bits can also be activated for both devices.

The integrated voltmeter and a frequency counter complete the range of measurements. Other accessories, such as active and passive probes, high voltage probes (differential/unipolar), various current clamps (up to 500 A), 19 inch installation frame, software drivers for known packages as well as a fast web remote control via LAN are also available.

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