Rise in the unemployment rate in Canada

AA / Montreal / Hatem Kattou

The unemployment rate reached 5.4% in August in Canada, which represents its first increase in seven months, the federal agency “Statistics Canada” announced on Friday.

The Canadian economy, which is recording a slight slowdown, lost nearly 40,000 jobs in August, according to Statistics Canada, which released a labor force survey on Friday.

The unemployment rate rose from 4.9% in July to 5.4% in August, an increase of half a point in the space of a month, indicated the same source which specifies that the losses of jobs were mostly recorded in the public sector.

Note that the rate reached last July, ie 4.9%, is the lowest rate recorded since 1976, when comparable data was collected in Canada.

“Statistics Canada” pointed out in its Report that “employment gains in professional, scientific and technical services were offset by declines in educational services and construction”.

At the provincial level, job losses were recorded mainly in the provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba and Nova Scotia.

In the French-speaking province of Quebec (centre), more than 27,000 jobs have been created, but on a part-time basis.

According to local experts, “the Canadian economy was beginning to show some weakness after being remarkably strong in the first half” of 2022.

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