Robbers season 2: Sami Bouajila determined in a very tense teaser

Sami Bouajila is back for the second season of “Braqueurs”, and he didn’t come to sort the lenses. His character, Mehdi, always accompanied by Liana (Tracy Gotoas), is directly immersed in the action in the teaser unveiled by Netflix.

The “Robbers Cinematic Universe” expands

First there was the movie Robbers of Julien Leclercq in 2015, then the series of the same name in 2021. A derivative work, in which we find in the main role Sami Bouajila, already a central character in the 2015 film, but who embodies another in the series. Even if his activity remains the same. In this one, he is indeed Mehdi, leader of a band of high-flying robbers. In the first season, he was confronted with a powerful trafficker, author of the kidnapping of his niece Shaïnez (Sofia Lesaffre), with the young Liana (Tracy Gotoas).

Liana (Tracy Gotoas) - Robbers
Liana (Tracy Gotoas) – Robbers ©Netflix

Julien Leclercq, specialist in cold and muscular thrillers, found with the series Robbers a playground to his liking. And with distribution provided by Netflix, substantial means and wide exposure. Co-created with Hamid Hlioua, Robbers takes place in Belgium, and it is precisely this Belgium that, according to the pitch of the second season, Mehdi and his team want to leave.

“While they want to leave Belgium, Mehdi, Liana and Tony see their plans disrupted by the arrival of a new enemy, who forces them to ally themselves with former rivals.”

A brutal robbery to announce the return of Mehdi and Liana

It’s the February 17, 2023 that we can discover on netflix the new season of Robbers. This one has just been announced in a tense teaser (at the top of the article). We see a robbery that seems to go wrong. As they entrusted to us during an interview for the broadcast of the first season, Julien Leclercq and Hamid Hlioua have a lot of ambition for their series. And they should go to the next level again in this new season. Can’t wait to be able to judge on parts.

Robbers season 2

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