Rumor: No new HomePod mini on the horizon

the HomePod mini shouldn’t see a new version for a while, believes Mark Gurman in his newsletter of Sunday. The connected speaker is released in 2020 and apart from new colors end of 2021Apple has not seen fit to change anything, at the hardware level in any case.

The presentation of the HomePod 2nd generation this week might have hinted that a new HomePod mini model was in the works, but ” Apple [n’y] not actively working “, assures the nosy Bloomberg. That does not mean that the enclosure is doomed to remain frozen in time, quite the contrary.

Apple goes like this activate the humidity and temperature sensor with iOS 16.3. And in the spring, the little ball will host a sound recognition function (smoke detector alarms, in this case). The novelties will therefore be rather to be sought on the side of the software – and the price, but it is not necessarily good news


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