Saint Girons. Max Linder Hall: Voice, piano and clarinet will be in unison

Many composers have valued the meeting of voice, piano and clarinet. Mozart was also one of its precursors. This mixture of timbres with soft and romantic music, inviting you to daydream and travel, will be offered at the Max Linder room on Sunday January 29 at 3:30 p.m., with Claire Bouyssou, Laura Revil and François Mahenc on stage.

On the program for the evening: “The Shepherd on the Mountain”, by Schubert, “The Clemency of Titus”, by Mozart, “German Lieder, by Spohr, “In yonder valley”, by Kreutzer, “German Songs”, by Lachner , “Homesong, by Kalliwoda, “Hirtenlied”, by Meyerbeer and “The Cavatina of the Barber of Seville”, for clarinet and piano, composed by Rossini.

Soprano singer Claire Bouyssou comes from a music-loving and musical family. She began playing the harp at the musical school of Léguevin. In 2009, she entered the master’s degree at Saint-Etienne Cathedral in Toulouse, under the baton of Luciano Bibiloni. In 2015, she took her first singing lesson with Charlotte Kouby, mezzo-soprano who prepared her for the entrance exam to the singing class of the conservatory, which she obtained in 2016. She will finish her course in the class of Elena Poesina. In 2019, then in 2022, she was eligible for the competition for the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris. Currently, it continues its activities in the region.

As for Laure Revil, it was in the family setting that she was introduced to music from an early age. She will continue her musical studies in Montreal, at McGill University, in piano and harp. Returning to France, she obtained her diploma in musical studies in piano at the National School of Music in Pau, in the class of Philippe Monferran. It is with Cécile Barutaut, harp teacher in Toulouse, that she perfected her skills, exploring the repertoire for harp alone or with different chamber music formations. Currently a piano and harp teacher at the municipal music school in Léguevin, she still keeps one foot on stage.

François Mahenc graduated from the conservatories of Toulouse and Nice, in the class of Michel Lethiec. This great defender of chamber music is musical director of the harmony of Aussonne, and member of the clarinet ensemble of Occitanie.

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