Saints Row: following the mixed results, Volition will join Gearbox | XboxOne

The release of the reboot of Saints Row this summer was done without much fanfare and it was last September that the CEO of Embracer mentioned mixed feedback from fans of the license. And there are consequences for the development studio.

Volition will finally join Gearbox

It was during the announcement of its latest financial results that the Embracer group mentioned the latest Saints Row. Sales were up to what was expected, but the reception of players a little less.

Saints Row’s reception fell short of all expectations and left the fanbase partially polarized. The game’s development studio, Volition, has worked hard to improve the player experience.

Financially, Saints Row performed in line with management’s expectations during the quarter. Going forward, Volition will be integrated with Gearbox, which has all the necessary tools, including an experienced management team in the US, to ensure Volition’s future success. This is the first internal group transfer where we transfer a major studio between operational groups, but it won’t necessarily be the last.

Embracer specifies that since its release on August 23 and until mid-October, Saints Row has seen a million players conquered. You can find our game test and we take this opportunity to remember that new content is expected in 2023 with new DLCs to extend the story of the title as well as new areas of the map to explore.

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