Samsung could finally catch up on folding

Samsung is said to be working on the large-scale use, on its future Galaxy Z Fold 5, of a “drop” hinge patent filed almost 6 years ago. This design would significantly reduce the crease still visible in the center of the folding screen of the device.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 being unfolded // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Towards a much less visible central fold for the screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 5? According to information from the Korean site Naverrepeated by The Verge, Samsung could adopt a new internal structure for the hinge of its next folding smartphone. Design-based “drop” the latter would reduce its foldingstill quite unsightly, to make it ever more discreet.

This structure has, in detail, the advantage of maintaining a sufficiently large curvature of the slab when the smartphone is folded. When opened, the crease is, therefore, less visible, since the central part of the screen has been less ” crumpledwhen folding. The design nickname ” in drop“comes simply from the shape adopted by the center of the slab when the smartphone is folded.

Samsung caught up by the competition…

As Naver points out, this internal structure dedicated to the hinge is however not so new at Samsung. We learn that the firm had filed a patent for this design in 2016… without however having used it so far. So why did you wait so long? The answer would actually be strategic. According toSamMobileSamsung wanted to wait until it had already found how to offer IPX8 resistance to its folding smartphones, before exploiting its hinge on a large drop“.

Source: Samsung Electronics via Naver

By combining an IPX8 protection index and a fold-free hinge, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 would take a slight lead over its competitors. Because if the Oppo Find N2 and 3rd Gen Motorola Razr already manage to make the central crease of their respective screens practically invisible, neither of them offers water resistance yet.

According to other information from the Korean siteNaver, Samsung could finally succeed in having the two halves of the screen of its Z Fold 5 lie completely flat, one on top of the other, once it is folded. This new advance would make the device more pleasant to slip into the pocket.

However, it is still difficult to substantiate these various pieces of information. We will clearly have to wait a few more months to find out more about the Galaxy Z Fold 5… and to find out if it does indeed use this new design.

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