Sekkouri explores professional mobility opportunities for Moroccans to Germany

The main topics discussed during this meeting concerned the professional mobility of the workforce, the economic inclusion of women, young people without employment or training (NEETs), entrepreneurship and vocational training.

Both parties are committed to developing structured channels to explore opportunities for professional mobility of Moroccans to Germany, in order to meet the needs of the labor market while respecting the gender approach, and to guarantee decent working conditions. in line with the aspirations of both parties, said a press release from Younes Sekkouri’s department.

Germany is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, particularly in scientific and technical professions (aeronautics, health, IT, hospitality, etc.). The country is in the process of modernizing its immigration legislation, with the aim of facilitating the recognition of international diplomas, but also of making administrative procedures more flexible.

During this same meeting, the structured support systems for potential candidates were discussed, based on vertical integration including, in addition to business skills, a capacity building in language and culture.

Both parties raised the importance of vocational training as a lever to help young people and NEETs to integrate economically through mobility, but also on the national labor market.

They recalled the need to promote the economic inclusion of women in order to strengthen economic growth, and to this end referred to the progress of ongoing cooperation projects.

This meeting was an opportunity to discuss the support of the GIZ, german agency for international development cooperationparticularly in the sector of vocational training, training in the workplace and entrepreneurship.

Both parties are committed to continuing these discussions to develop concrete initiatives. A high-level visit will be organized for realizing shared visions operationally.

In addition, a book collecting testimonials from thirty women was signed by both parties, in tribute to those from disadvantaged backgrounds who have managed to bounce back on the professional level thanks to training in digital professions.

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