Setati ignites the stage of El Aita

The undisputed master of Chaâbi and the violin, the talented Abdelaziz Setati ignited, Friday evening, the stage of the National Festival of the art of El Aita which has just blown out its 21st candle, the time of a breathtaking show and the most tempting, with rhythms and sounds 100% pure Moroccan popular music on the menu.

Thanks to his sublime voice, his charismatic presence, his agility and his strength on stage, Setati, equipped with his “legendary” violin which he manipulates with ease as if to make it “at the mercy of a tireless master”, will further accentuate the dramatization of the sequence, the time to warm up even more the fans, of all ages, who have come to appreciate their favorite star. An amply successful bet for one of the monsters on the national music scene.


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