Sexual assault accusation: Prince Andrew wants Virginia Giuffre to apologize

Today, the prince would be determined to push Virginia Giuffre to retract, according to a source who confided in the British media The Mail on Sunday.

I can tell you with confidence that Prince Andrew’s team is considering legal options”, confirms the source. The goal? Cancel the multi-million pound settlement he owes the accuser. The inspiration came to her when Virginia Giuffre recently dropped her case against a lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, whom she had accused of sexual assault, admitting she “may have made a mistake” in her identification.

The purpose of this maneuver would then be to demand an apology from the young woman. However, the source adds that Prince Andrew “never wanted to make a deal and always insisted he was innocent.

Prince Andrew was under pressure, he had no option but to strike a deal. It’s not about the money. He wants a path back to some sort of normality after a deeply difficult time.

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