Shame CHAN! “We are all Jaouad Badda”

Jaouad Badda

Algerian fans, who have demonstrated their racism towards Moroccans, have launched a hostile campaign against Moroccan beIN Sports commentator Jaouad Badda. The latter made the mistake of explaining Morocco’s non-participation in the African Nations Championship (CHAN) in Algeria.

Badda responded to claims and reports suggesting Morocco withdrew from the CHAN tournament saying: “To clarify and correct some things regarding what happened yesterday, the Morocco is not considered to have withdrawn from CHAN, but was unable to travel before the start of the tournament.”

Badda made his remarks while commenting on the Cameroon-Congo match as part of the CHAN tournament on Monday. The Algerian regime has rejected a Moroccan request to allow the Atlas Lions to travel directly from Rabat to Constantine on a Royal Air Maroc flight.

Jaouad Badda also recalled that the CHAN tournament is taking place without major African national teams, including Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia. His comments angered Algerian racists and nationalists who launched a hostile campaign against him.

In response to the hostile remarks aimed at the Moroccan commentator, Moroccans have taken to social networks to launch a campaign of support. “We are all Jaouad Bedda”. #كلنا جواد بادة

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