Shinobi Rising: The universe of Katana-Ra is gradually revealed

The developers of WRKS Games announce today their first game from the universe named Katana Ra in which they will offer a physical role-playing game and a video game for 2023. Radical change of atmosphere therefore for the developers who had proposed to us a few years ago Blood and Bond: Into the Shround on PC, in which players took on the role of Astrid, a young Viking witch whose goal was to save her mother.

In Shinobi Risingit would seem that we will then discover a universe “cyberpunk japan medievalwhere the Ancestral Shinobi will cross paths with augmented and cybernetic humans. For the moment, the world proposed by the Anglo-American developers still appears full of mysteries but it is frankly starting to tickle our curiosity. On their sitethe creators explain to us that they want to develop Katana-Ra as being

“A dynamic world with an intricate web of conflict, heavily inspired by feudal-era Japanese history and traditions. it combines futuristic technology, various cultural and environmental contexts to provide an environment conducive to the creation of games that everyone enjoys”

A kind of Matrix in the Sengoku Era in sum. The title would present itself as a side-scroller merging stealth, exploration and combat. A video accompanies the announcement of the game: it must be admitted that there is not much to get your teeth into visually if not a great promise of murder, revenge, betrayal and power struggle à la Game of Thrones in a Japan promising feudal. Shinobi Rising is expected on February 14, 2023 on PC and “later this year” on Xbox Series X|S.

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