Should Ford make a four-door Mustang?

Designer sketches are as fascinating as they are frustrating. They give an overview of the cars we could have if only reality didn’t get in their way. What we escaped, and what we missed.

Thus, absently browsing through the sketches published by Ford as part of the presentation of the new mustang, we came across something that brought us out of our torpor: a drawing of a four-door Mustang. Bottom left, if you’re looking.

And frankly, we are far from being outraged. We are even very close to thinking that the idea would have potential. Anyway, a four-door Mustang would be a tiny bit of blasphemy next to the one they’ve already done with an electric SUVNope ?

After all, it’s not like the Ford lineup is overflowing with sedans these days. It’s their fault, they explicitly chose to give it up in favor of SUVs. Moreover, the Mustang as we know it already not doing too badly as GT 2+2. So why not add a little wheelbase and a pair of small rear doors so that we can finally enjoy it with the family, hmm?

In any case, we would have nothing against this idea. Do you also feel the frustration?

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