Signature of a declaration of cooperation in the field of statistics

The High Commission for Planning (HCP) and Statistics Denmark, the central authority for Danish statistics, signed a declaration on Monday in Rabat aimed at further strengthening cooperation ties in the field of statistics.

As part of the fourth meeting of the steering committee of the partnership project concluded between the HCP and Statistics Denmark for the period 2020-2023, marked by the presence of the High Commissioner for Planning, Ahmed Lahlimi Alami, and the he Danish Ambassador to Morocco, Jesper Kammersgaard, this agreement was signed by the Director General of Statistics and National Accounting of the HCP, Mohammed Bircharef, and the Director General of Statistics Denmark, Birgitte Anker.

On this occasion, Messrs. Lahlimi and Kammersgaard welcomed the exemplary partnership between the two institutions, based on the virtuous exchange and sharing of experiences and the common desire to achieve a professional project of excellence, expressing their satisfaction with the results achieved in the framework of the strengthening of official statistics at the levels of bilateral and global cooperation.

In addition, they were delighted with the fruitful contribution of this partnership to the efforts of the HCP to strengthen the modernization of the statistics system in Morocco by putting the user at the local, national and international level at the center of its strategic actions.

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The two parties consider that the success of this project is a pledge to continue and further promote this mutually beneficial partnership, and to extend it to areas of common interest, in particular related to environmental issues, the sustainable development objectives and the international migration. In a statement to MAP, Mr. Lahlimi noted that these are the final execution phases of the digitization project concluded with Statistics Denmark, which has made it possible to digitize all of the HCP’s activities, starting from surveys on the field, their use in a collaborative work environment, their routing to a data management center and the dissemination of the results of the work through renovated databases. And to continue that the data management center, designed and implemented in accordance with security standards, is now operational and that the electronic site has been completely renewed and more didactic. Furthermore, Mr. Lahlimi noted that cooperation will also open up to new projects, particularly in the field of water, energy and the green economy.

For her part, the Director of Statistics Denmark noted that the signing of this declaration highlights the joint efforts as close partners within the framework of the “Strategic Sector Programme” to strengthen official statistics, both in Morocco and Denmark and ‘at the World level.

“We now have more than two years of collaboration experience,” she added, welcoming the results achieved despite the obstacles created by the Covid-19 epidemic. Mrs. Anker expressed the will to support the efforts of the HCP in order to unlock the full potential of the use of administrative data in the production of statistics, to develop faster and more detailed business statistics using the new business register of the HCP as well as to investigate and share experiences, particularly on migration statistics. Supported by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the framework of the “Strategic Sector Programme”, the joint project notably enabled support for the digitization of certain production lines via the web (CAWI), the design and implementation of a data management center in accordance with security standards, the publication of quality reports, providing users with a better understanding of statistics, as well as the redesign and online launch of the new HCP portal.

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