SiPearl, the company that designs the European HPC microprocessor, announces a partnership with AMD

The two partners “will contribute to helping Europe meet strategic challenges for science, society, industry and the environment”.

SiPearl, the company that designs the high-performance, low-power microprocessor for European supercomputers, announces a collaboration with AMD “to meet the needs of exascale supercomputing in Europe”. According to the press release, “By combining Rhea, SiPearl’s microprocessor, and the AMD Instinct Acceleratorsthe two partners will contribute to helping Europe meet strategic challenges for science, society, industry and the environment”.

Image 1: SiPearl, the company that designs the European HPC microprocessor, announces a partnership with AMD
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Concretely, SiPearl has concluded a commercial collaboration agreement with AMD in order to propose a joint offer intended for exascale supercomputing systems. This offer therefore combines Rhea, the microprocessor dedicated to high performance computing (HPC) from SiPearl, with Instinct accelerators from AMD. As a first step, AMD and SiPearl will together evaluate the interoperability of AMD’s open ROCm software with the Rhea microprocessor and build an optimized software solution to enhance the capabilities of Rhea combined with an Instinct accelerator. According to the company, “this joint work, which targets the porting and optimization activities of AMD’s HIP backend, compilers and openMP libraries, will allow scientific applications to benefit from both technologies”.

Extended collaboration with European research institutes

In addition, “the two companies then plan to extend their collaboration to research institutes in Europe in order to allow major European developers and code owners to port and optimize their applications on the SiPearl-AMD solution. At the same time, they will engage with manufacturers who will jointly adopt the Rhea microprocessor with the Instinct accelerators in their designs”.

According to SiPearl, “this partnership greatly expands the choice of acceleration solutions offered in conjunction with the Rhea microprocessor. SiPearl thus pursues its objective of offering European users of exascale supercomputers the best possible combination in order to perfectly meet their application needs in strategic fields such as artificial intelligence, climate, energy, geology, engineering, research, health or safety”.

let’s remember that SiPearl also collaborates with NVIDIA and with Intel. With NVIDIA, the partnership concerns a platform combining “SiPearl microprocessors and NVIDIA graphics processors”, as well as the deployment of the Arm ecosystem in the HPC sector. The collaboration with Intel includes the use of Ponte Vecchio GPUs and the oneAPI programming interface. Finally, know that SiPearl still has plenty of jobs to fillparticularly in France and Spain.


Brad McCredie, Vice President of Data Center and Accelerated Computing at AMD, said, “High performance computing is at the heart of AMD; our Instinct accelerators equip the first supercomputer to pass the exascale bar and, throughout the world, we equip numerous high-performance computing infrastructures. As the world increasingly needs compute performance to power new discoveries that will change our society, AMD is pleased to further engage in the European ecosystem with SiPearl through this joint offering that will meet the needs exascale supercomputing in Europe”.

“As the European leader in high performance computing, we are delighted with this collaboration between SiPearl and AMD. It will greatly contribute to the deployment of the HPC ecosystem in Europe, helping our customers to deploy artificial intelligence and exascale systems”, adds Emmanuel le Roux, Senior Vice President, Head of HPC AI & Quantum at Atos.

“We are delighted with this collaboration with AMD, which has driven innovation in the high performance computing market for many years. This new collaboration with a world leader will further enrich the offer combining our Rhea microprocessor with the acceleration solutions of our partners. By widening the choice offered to end users of supercomputers in Europe, it will enable Europeans to meet the great challenges of our time in the fields of artificial intelligence, climate modeling and medical research, in particular”, concludes Philippe Notton, CEO and Founder of SiPearl.

Source: SiPearl press release

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