SK hynix introduces the world’s fastest mobile DRAM, 15 movies in one second

SK hynix LPDDR5T (Photo courtesy of SK hynix. Resale and archival prohibited)

SK hynix LPDDR5T (Photo courtesy of SK hynix. Resale and archival prohibited)

SEOUL, 25 Jan. (Yonhap) — Local chipmaker SK hynix Inc. announced on Wednesday that it has developed the world’s fastest mobile device memory, LPDDR5T (Low Power Double Data Rate 5 Turbo). This memory is capable of processing data at a speed of 9.6 gigabits (Gb) per second, which is 13% faster than previous models.

This new memory labeled LPDDR5T is intended for smartphones and tablets while the volume of electricity consumption determines its efficiency. This is the reason why the label “Low Power” (or LP) has been given and the minimum operating voltage is between 1.01 and 1.12 volts, according to the standard set by the JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council).

SK hynix has also recently presented a package combining LPDDR5T with a capacity of 16 Gigabytes which will be able to process data at a speed of 77 GB per second, which is equivalent to downloading 15 Full HD quality movies in a single second. The manufacturer plans to produce this new model in the second half of this year based on a 4th generation production line of 10 Nano (1a).

According to industry estimates, more sophisticated memory will be needed if the 5G telecommunications market grows dramatically not only for smartphones, artificial intelligence and machine learning but also for virtual reality and advanced reality.


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