skateboarding. reveals its gameplay and the city of San Vansterdam in video | Xbox One

Officially unveiled in June 2020, skateboarding continues its merry way. The studio is still working on its baby, which will be, let’s remember, a game free-to-play service. While various playtests have already taken place, it’s today with the second episode of the appointment The Board Room let him give his news.

Revised and improved gameplay for exploration

This new presentation focused on various aspects of the game. First of all, the gameplay was discussed and we learned in particular that it had been redesigned based on the foundations of the first skate games.

If fans of the license will quickly find their marks, they will also be able to discover new gameplay elements, especially on grinds or tricks. The exploration on foot also benefits from a particular care in this new skate in order to reach particular spots.

The motion capture has also been completely redone in order to offer more natural and fluid animations.

The city of San Vansterdam is revealed

If until then we had been able to discover the city of Fun City during the playtests, it is in San Vansterdam that the final game will take place. This fictional city is thought to be an ideal playground offering players the possibility to express their creativity without limits.

Elliot Walton, Lead Level Designer, also explains that he wants the city to feel like a real place where players find their own spots. You can find the full presentation below. New playtests are planned and you can still register for
this address
for a chance to try out the game first.

Skateboarding. currently has no release date, but will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC as well as Xbox Series X|S and PS5. It will be cross-play and cross-progression compatible, so you can resume your game on any medium. A mobile version is also planned.

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