Skyblivion, the remake of Oblivion in Skyrim, shows off over 4.30 hours of gameplay

A “portage” developed by a team of volunteers which will be released in 2025, at the latest. Skyblivion will be available as a mod for Skyrim. The developers show the progress of their project in a very long gameplay video.

This week, the developers of Skyblivion, a remake of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in the Skyrim engine to which we devoted a news in January 2021, published two videos. The first, put online at the beginning of the week, provides the release date of this ambitious mod: it will be 2025. Suffice to say that we will have to wait a few more months. The second video, posted the day before yesterday, lasts more than 4h30. It shows as much gameplay time and therefore gives an exhaustive overview of the current state of the project.

The team writes in the comments of their latest video: “Oblivion remade in the Skyrim engine. Remaking Oblivion in the Skyrim engine is what we undertook when we started the Skyblivion project. Creating games takes time, and that’s especially true for a volunteer project the size of a AAA game that requires years of work from a team of full-time developers. Either way, we’d like to let you know that Skyblivion is in such a state that we can promise a 2025 release at the latest. We hope that with your support we can complete the final stages […], and maybe even get ahead of the schedule we have set ourselves”. Moreover, the team always welcomes new talents.

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To introduce Oblivion to the youngest… and rediscover to the less young

With Skyblivion, the team wants to introduce Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion “to a new generation of players and rediscover it for long-time fans of the series”. Skyblivion will take the form of a downloadable mod for Skyrim. It would be available for the Legacy and Special version of Bethesda’s game. Well, by 2025, we have time to see it coming.

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