Sonic Frontiers will get better

Sega has just released the latest adventure of its iconic mascot. Sonic Frontiers is out now, featuring the franchise’s first open world. Or rather “the worlds”, because you can visit 5 open places, filled with objectives to achieve. Opinions differ greatly on this title, as you can see in our test. But the Sonic Team seems to be listening to criticism.

The director of Sonic Frontiers, Morio Kishimoto, just spoke onr Twitter:

We look at player reviews and the press. As many have noted, we have a ways to go, but we’re taking this seriously as an overall test.

It’s clear that Sonic Frontiers is not perfect. Many display problems in particular, come to spoil the party. In addition, the players report conceptual concerns that spoil their gaming pleasure. The display can be corrected, the graphic criticisms too. But I don’t see how the concept could be modified… That said, personally, I really appreciate this latest adventure, while some of my colleagues, much less. And fortunately opinions differ, because otherwise, it would be very gloomy, our video game space!

The trailer of Sonic Frontiers:

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