sonorous | Deep Down Below: A New Seaside Survival Game

Randomly discovered, sonorous | Deep Down Below is a small survival game that seems to highlight the underwater part. For a project of this scale, developed by one person, it looks really nice. There will be crafting, survival, and exploration, but the human fights shown in the video don’t look terrible. The game is still early in its development, so let’s hope this aspect improves, or disappears in favor of other elements that seem better done.

The developer communicates on the progress of the project via his websitebut also on twitter, on which he shares short animations:

Impossible not to think about Subnautica seeing these images, but for all that, the artistic direction here leans more towards realism, and rather makes you want to explore all that.

sonorous | Deep Down Below currently doesn’t have a scheduled release date, but if you’re interested, it already has a steam page.

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