Soon an Assassin’s Creed video game reserved for Netflix subscribers?

Ubisoft is accelerating on Assassin’s Creed. New games announced in shambles and a big partnership with Netflix.

The least we can say is that Ubisoft has decided to bet on its frankness Assassin’s Creed. During its latest Forward licensing event, the studio announced many upcoming titles: Valhalla, Mirage, Red, Hexe, Jadeā€¦ There will be plenty to do, sure. An announcement, however, remained rather discreet. This is’a partnership with Netflix.

Ubisoft accelerates on Assassin’s Creed

During this press event almost entirely dedicated to assassins, the French studio therefore unveiled a great preview of what fans can expect after Valhalla. And these upcoming projects look very interesting. Among the already highly anticipated titles, we could easily mention Miragewhich should normally mark a return to basics, with an experience around infiltration, and more precisely around the youth of Basim, a character that fans were able to discover in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Another very interesting information, the arrival of the Infinity hub, with Redthe response to fans who demanded an opus in feudal Japan, or even Hexe, an episode full of sorcery. The mobile is obviously not left out, with Jadean open-world game set in ancient China, set to come to iOS and android on an undisclosed date.

New games announced in shambles

And that’s not all, since Ubisoft has also announced a partnership with netflix which should make it possible to offer a game for the streamer’s catalog. Even better for the fans, this partnership with netflix does not concern a single and unique game, but several. Among these, therefore, one Assassin’s Creed. A game we know nothing about. We will therefore have to wait before knowing what is going on, but the fact of having an opus Assassin’s Creed in its catalog will undoubtedly be a great advantage for the streaming platform.

and a big partnership with Netflix

This partnership ofUbisoft with Netflix also concerns a live-action series. Unfortunately, again, no details. We only know that Jeb Stuart, who had supervised Vikings: Valhalla, should have the same role on this series. Should we expect a game that accompanies the series or something totally different? The future will tell.

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