Souris-Sourit: Serge Damiens’ fight against endometriosis – 09/20/2022

It was in his studio in Noyon that Serge Damiens created, in 2016, Souris-Sourit, a rodent with a sharp humour. Souris-Sourit talks about sport, current events, politics in an offbeat tone, but it is in a very different struggle that the character of Serge Damiens took part.

For nearly a year, Souris-Souri has been fighting alongside its creator against endometriosis.

This chronic gynecological disease, causing pain, would affect 10% of women of childbearing age.

Ten years ago, Serge learned that his daughter Anaïs was suffering from a serious form of endometriosis. He then developed postcards bearing the image of Souris-Sourit, for the benefit of the Endomind association, which works for the well-being of women affected by the disease. To continue to finance the production of the postcards, he decided to use the funds generated by the sales of the first volume of Souris-Sourit. Of the 300 printed copies, a third has already been sold, others have been donated to the Endopicardie association…

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