Spaced adds separators between menubar icons

Spaced is the latest app from Sindre Sorhus, a developer who keeps coming up with new utilities. This one adds separators to the macOS menu bar, to separate icons into groups that you can organize as you see fit. Once the app is launched, it displays a separator, a dash by default, and a click presents a menu that allows you to choose another character (a period, a vertical bar or even a space, or even a tabulation) or to add a separator.

Spaced in action, with the menu that lets you choose a different character or add an extra separator.

The positioning of the separator is done as for all the icons of the menu bar: hold down the key pressed and drag&drop an item to change its position. Spaced offers two other options in a preferences panel: in addition to launching when the Mac starts up, the other setting allows you to reduce the opacity of the character, to make the separator less prominent in the menu bar.

Spaced does not do more, but it is a free app to download from the Mac App Store. Its interface is not translated into French and the app requires macOS 13.1 to be installed.


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