Sparks of Hope for DLC

Beyond a presentation of the gameplay of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hopethe Ubisoft Forward of September 10 was an opportunity for Ubisoft to announce DLCs for its future tactical RPG who crosses Mario’s universe with the one Rabbids. You may have forgotten it, but Rayman is also part of it.

Yes, after being upstaged by the Lapinus Debilus following the success of the famous Wii game of 2006, Rayman will come to be embedded in an adventure the time additional contentlike donkey kong with Kingdom Battle. Nintendo console or not, Ubisoft does not forget to give the possibility of giving him some money.

If we have no information on the form of which this DLCUbisoft still makes fans wait with a gameplay demo which stages a dantesque fight against a wiggler. What to highlight gameplay developments compared to the previous opus, the free movement system on your mind.

In any case, the project seems more ambitious than eversince the director of Ubisoft Milan Davide Soliani clarified at Games Industry that the development team has been multiplied by 4 since the first game released in 2017.

If all goes well, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope will be available October 20 – of course exclusively – on Nintendo Switch.

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