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ST Microelectronics is the result of the merger in 1987 of the Italian group SGS and the French group Thomson Semiconductors. The French (via Bpifrance) and Italian states are still, at parity, the majority shareholders of the group. A company under Dutch law, it is managed from a head office located in Switzerland.

The ST group designs and produces its own chips, with companies such as Apple, Samsung, HP and Nintendo as its main customers.

The presence of the State in the capital illustrates the strategic nature of the semiconductor sector, even if it is in a more discreet way than for energy and armament companies.

In recent years, while the European industry has been gradually losing its market share to North American and Asian competitors, the French and Brussels authorities have decided to massively support groups from the old continent, including ST. This resulted in particular in the adoption of the European “Chips Act” in 2022.

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