” Star Academy “. A “musical jukebox” for the semi-final, a big first on the show

For his semi-finalthe star Academy innovates. Saturday November 19, 2022, the students still in competition will perform the show in “musical” mode, a great first in the history of the program, relays Tele-Leisure . The coaches Marlène Schaff and Lucie Bernardoni went to the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys on Tuesday to announce this event to the candidates.

Thus, Enola, Léa, Tiana, Anisha, Louis and Chris will have to embark on a “musical jukebox” on the occasion of the next prime time. The teams of the star Academy have planned to write a mini-show combining song, dance and theatre. ” It’s like Mamma Miawe use songs from the existing repertoire, which were not written to make musicals »explained Marlène Schaff to the students.

The student journey in music

“All this little moment tells your personal stories, to each other, in your journey from star Academy », continued the young woman. An initiative that recalls the last evaluations organized by the director and the teachers. Last week, the candidates still in the running had to perform a dance or theater improvisation. This Tuesday, they were evaluated on a creation retracing their experience in the star Academy.

Saturday night, five out of six students will be seated on the nominees’ bench. For this evening, the young artists will be accompanied on stage by Marc Lavoine, Vianney, Claudio Capéo, Patrick Bruel, Clara Luciani and Sofia Essaïdi.

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