Star Academy: as appreciated as it is decried, Julien is eliminated and will not go to the semi-finals

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Stan, Tiana, Anisha and Julien were in the hot seat in the “Star Academy” on Saturday evening on TF1. Both adored and criticized, Julien was eliminated just like Stan.

Good singer, good face, a bit rebellious: Julien quickly stood out in the “Star Academy”. Over the weeks, the young man was both appreciated but also decried by Internet users on social networks. Twice already, Julien had been saved by viewers in four shows.

Despite his talent, the candidate was far from shining for his rigor at the castle. He fell asleep during a singing lesson, refused to do an exercise in high heels during a dance lesson, assuring that he would leave “his dignity” there or even skipped sports class on Friday September 11.

Sick during the evaluations of the week – even forgetting the lyrics and giving up along the way – he was one of the four nominated for the prime tribute to Grégory Lemarchal with Stan, Tiana and Anisha. On stage, Saturday evening, the bad boy of the promo sang in duet with Tayc his hit “Time” and “Envy” by Johnny Hallyday in battle with the other candidates in danger.

Julien’s elimination was naturally commented on on social networks.

Much too sad about Julien’s departure. This guy touches me, he has something different from the others. I hope he won’t let go because he has potential. #Star Academy

— Cici S (@Cici_1oo) November 12, 2022

Julien has a monstrous talent and could have been one of the best in the adventure, his lack of self-confidence and his fear of failure as his fear of success will have led him not to reveal all of his abilities at every key moment, he has everything to succeed #Star Academy

– married? (@melimelarie) November 12, 2022

Julien comes back to us with beautiful music! Can’t wait to hear from you again? #Star Academy

—? (@KishiSakura) November 12, 2022

On the other hand, we are ok that without Julien and Stan the atmosphere in the castle will be a lot less funny #Star Academy

—? Pepette? (@Sandra_Pepette) November 12, 2022

Oh no Julien will miss me so much in the adventure?
But this is only the beginning of another adventure, do we believe in you Juju for the rest?#Star Academy

— Manoon (@manoon_cart) November 12, 2022

After the votes, the public wanted to save Anisha. Called to choose which candidate should return to the castle after the show, a majority of candidates chose Tiana. Julien and Stanislas were therefore eliminated from the adventure. Julien’s reaction after his elimination: “I can only keep smiling, we’ve been through crazy things”.

Next week, place in the semi-final of the “Star Academy” for the six candidates still in competition: Chris, Enola, Léa, Louis, Anisha and Tiana.

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