Star Academy – viewers outraged by ‘catastrophic detail’

This Saturday, November 12, a detail

This Saturday, November 12, a “catastrophic” detail irritated the viewers of the “Star Academy”. TF1 screen capture

This Saturday, November 12, the fifth bonus of the “Star Academy” was broadcast on TF1. Many artists had made the trip for this evening which paid tribute to Grégory Lemarchal. However, a “catastrophic” and recurring detail has bothered viewers.

After more than ten years of absence, the “star Academy” has made its big comeback on TF1. If Nikos Aliagas is still at the helm of this musical reality TV, new teachers have joined the adventure. And, of course, who says new season says, well obviously, new promo. For this tenth season, 13 students joined the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, and it must be recognized, this is in no way a vacation for them. Up at dawn for sports lessons, followed by dance, singing, theater lessons and rehearsals for evaluations and bonuses, the Academicians are not at the end of their troubles. And after four weeks of intense competition, they are down to eight, but their progress is quite remarkable.

This Saturday, November 12 is therefore marked by the fifth bonus of the “Star Academy”. And as much to say that the emotion was there, since this evening made it possible to pay tribute to the late Grégory Lemarchal, big winner of season 4 of this flagship program of TF1. The tears were therefore there, both on the set and on the Web. At the same time, many artists had made the trip to sing alongside the students of the “Star Academy”. Patrick Fiori, Amel Bent, Tayc, Dadju, but also Zazie, Kendji Girac and M. Pokora. The Academicians were over the moon. And if Stan could not sing with his idol, M.Pokora, it was his great friend in the adventure, Chris, who had this privilege.

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“I’m going to stop watching, the sound is a disaster”

The two men therefore interpreted “Tombé”, one of the emblematic titles of the companion of Christina Milian. If Chris and Mr. Pokora had a lot of fun singing together, one detail spoiled their joy, as well as this performance. At one point, the sound cut out completely. This sequence caused great anger on the Web. And for good reason ! At each bonus, Internet users point to microphone problems, but also sound. For them, it is literally a “shame” on the part of the first channel, especially since it is a recurring problem.

Despite these sound problems, the evening ended with a hell of a dose of emotion. The four unnamed Academicians performed From time to time, alongside Karima Charni and Lucie Bernardoni, two friends of Grégory Lemarchal. A timeless moment that plunged viewers into a whirlwind of sadness. Moreover, the fateful hour has come. Arrived at eight, the students left on the bus at six, in the direction of the castle of Dammarie-les-lys. Anisha was saved by the public and Tiana by her comrades. Thus, Julien and Stanislas left the adventure.

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