SteamWorld Build is announced on Xbox for 2023

Thunderful Games announces the arrival of SteamWorld Build for 2023. Planned for all consoles on the market and PC, it will be set in the well-known steampunk world of the series, but with a construction touch! To discover it in pictures, a very first trailer is available below.

In SteamWorld Build, the steam robots establish a mining town in order to extract ancient technology that will allow them to go to space. Can you effectively manage resources, meet the growing needs of citizens, and defend their mine from lurking creatures?

Mainly known so far for the duology SteamWorld Dig, mixing platform and action, Thunderful aims to expand its audience. A clearly promising title, which will make us establish colonies, build houses and take care of the inhabitants. As a tribute to the past, we will have to use our citizens to dig deeper and deeper, and find the rare minerals necessary for our future!

The Developer_Direct, how to follow the Xbox event?

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