Stephen Silas satisfied to finally be able to work peacefully

In a month, Stephen Silas will begin his third year on the Rockets bench. With 37 wins in two seasons, he has yet to work miracles but his team is progressing and building slowly despite the complex situations faced in 2020 and 2021.

His first year, it was first Russell Westbrook who asked for his transfer, then James Harden a few weeks later. The following season, John Wall, who arrived in exchange for the 2017 MVP, demanded a starting position from the Texan leaders who preferred to launch young people. The former Wizards playmaker will therefore remain on the bench all season, awaiting a transfer that will never come…

This summer, no problem of this kind was found in the Texan group, and that relieves the coach.

” I feel good “, he explains to the Houston Chronicle. “I have the impression that the team is united, motivated. For the past two years, at this time of year, there have been questions about the band: the first year there was talk of transfer speculation, and the second year it was John Wall. From now on, we know our identity and the path we took. We are going in the right direction. »

The technician was therefore able to work calmly during the off-season and, in a few days, he will meet with his staff to prepare, in detail, the training camp and especially the 2022/2023 season.

“We’re going to talk about the structure of things, things that have worked in the past, what we can change in training, player development,” announces Stephen Silas. “Then we will get to the heart of the matter: attack, defense, transitions, special situations. We’ve already had a bunch of meetings like that. But it’s always nice to talk about basketball for a little while. We will get to know each other too since we have new faces in the staff (Lionel Hollins, Mahmoud Abdelfattah, Mike Batiste and Will Dunn). »

Without forgetting the rookies that will have to be integrated. But then again, unlike previous seasons disrupted by the pandemic, the Rockets are moving forward in better conditions.

“We had more time to be with Jabari Smith Jr, Tari Eason and TyTy Washington”rejoices the coach. “I got to know them better, to observe them in order to find the best solution to make them play well. Having more time was clearly an advantage this year. »

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