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Do you often go to Netflix or other platforms? So find out how to access more streaming content with this VPN.

Streaming is an activity that has been on the rise for a few years now. So it may be that you too have been seduced by the many programs available. However, on streaming platforms, the programs you can access are determined by your geographical location.

So, to thwart these blockages, a VPN is essential. This works especially with the most famous streaming platform: Netflix. We will therefore see in this article that you can unblock foreign Netflix catalogs using a quality VPN. The latter is none other than CyberGhost, a software that is also very widespread.

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CyberGhost to unblock streaming platforms

Want to know how to access streaming platforms around the world, like foreign content on Netflix with CyberGhost? The procedure is very simple. Indeed, know that CyberGhost has more than 9,500 servers worldwide. These cover a total of 91 countries, and therefore allow you to locate virtually wherever you want on the planet.

And to choose a country, just click on it from the CyberGhost application or go directly to the dedicated “Streaming” tab. Once the server has been selected, your IP address will be modified and another will be assigned to you in order to locate you in the desired territory. All you have to do is go to Netflix and enjoy all the programs specific to the country in question.

Dedicated CyberGhost VPN streaming servers ©

And for an optimal experience, know that CyberGhost has thought of everything. The VPN has powerful servers to guarantee you optimal connection speeds. You will be able to play your programs smoothly and without latency, even in HD. Regarding the content you can unlock, know that CyberGhost is an excellent VPN for USAbut also for Canada or for Japan.

And right now on the occasion of Black Friday, you can buy it at a low price. The provider drops the price of its 2-year subscription by 83%, and adds 4 months free to that. The total subscription is therefore increased to 28 months, and that for only 56.94 euros (equivalent to approximately 2 euros monthly) thanks to the discount. The amount is also fully refundable within 45 days after the date of purchase.

You will agree, this small price to enjoy many Netflix catalogs without moving from your sofa, it is very interesting. Especially since this advantage is also valid on the other most used streaming platforms, such as Prime Video, Disney + or Hulu.

Effectively ensure your online protection

Unblocking a lot of streaming content is a great advantage that CyberGhost VPN offers. But if this software is in our top of the best global VPNs, is that it has other advantages. To begin CyberGhost ensures your security on the net in an optimal way by implementing different processes.

For example, we can cite the encryption of your browsing data. The latter is carried out with a powerful algorithm, which ensures that your personal information will not be exposed online (such as your bank details, for example). Also, CyberGhost camouflages your IP address, in order to preserve your identity and your location when you browse. Thus, you browse completely anonymously, which is a major asset.

In the same vein, know that this provider is No-Log. This means that the service provider does not store any data relating to your online activity, to ensure your confidentiality as best as possible. But among the advantages of the VPN, we can also mention the ease of use.

Indeed, this VPN is very easy to use, even if you have never used such an application before. It can also be installed on all your devices: computer, tablet, smartphone, Smart TV and connected box. Customer support is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any problems.

And as a reminder, CyberGhost is currently accessible for the equivalent of 2.03 euros per month instead of 11.99 euros. So you can give it a try, especially since the 45-day money-back guarantee has your back.

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